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Going Beyond Certification to Improve Performance

Management System Certification is a process through which EFRC acting independently with no ties to the parties involved gives written assurance that an organization, a process, a service, a product or a set of professional skills meets the baseline requirements set out in a reference standard. Certification is a voluntary initiative.

Any company, organization or administration can file an application for certification of its products, services or management system. The target audience is first and foremost the end-customer, whether they are a consumer or a user. Certification gives objective proof that the product or service purchased or delivered presents a set of characteristics defined in a standard or a benchmark document, and is controlled and checked on a regular basis. This means buyers, users or consumers of certified products or services are provided a guaranteed level of quality, in the broadest sense of the word. The credibility of this guarantee hinges not just on the competency of a certification body like EFR Certification, but also on its impartiality. Note EFRC also been audited by independent accreditation bodies, ASCB Europe Limited.

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