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Monitoring & Measurement

We provide confidence (most of lab services are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025) monitoring and measurement either for legal compliance or for self compliance. Our main expertise are on Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental monitoring and measurement. Part of our services as followed:

Noise Monitoring

As part of legal requirement, EFR provide all in one service for noise monitoring to ensure the occupational hazard and environmental pollution is under control. The competance monitoring offered include:

  • Boundary noise monitoring (Malaysia Environmental Quality Act, Section 23)
  • Noise mapping (Malaysia Factories and Machineries (Noise Exposure) Regulation)
  • Personal monitoring (Malaysia Factories and Machineries (Noise Exposure) Regulation)
Chemical Health Risk Assessment

Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) is part of the compliance of Use and Standard of Exposure to Chemical Hazardous to Health (USECHH) Regulations 2000. Under this regulation, the employer is to make a comprehensive assessment of the risk of employees' exposure to chemical hazardous to health. From the assessment it will enable a decision to be made on appropriate control measure, training to the employees, monitoring and health surveillance activities as may be required to protect the health of employees who may be affected by their activities to chemicals hazardous to health.

EFRC offer a complete USECHH compliance services; from undertaking initial risk assessment of chemical exposure to providing guidance on improving current control measure.

Air Monitoring

EFRC provides complete ambient air monitoring, stach gas sampling & chemical exposure monitoring solutions and compliance measurements. Air monitoring activities encompasses the following :-

  • Ambient air monitoring (Mobile or permanent monitoring stations)
  • Stack sampling at Stationary Sources for DOE Compliance
  • In door air quality and chemical exposure monitoring

Water and Effluent Monitoring

EFRC provides a complete range of services in water quality monitoring and assessment as followed:

  • Industrial effluents monitoring and assessment;
  • Assessment of water quality with respect to specific beneficial uses;
  • Pollution sources identification; and
  • Provision of consultancy services relating to management and control options.
Independent Testing

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